6 Month Braces

The Process

This technique uses tooth colored orthodontic brackets and special Nickel Titanium Wires to move your front teeth with low controlled force. In cases of crowding, space can be made by making each tooth slightly slimmer. In some cases, special elastics and springs are used to move teeth around. You will be amazed at how quickly your crooked smile starts to straighten out into a new smile!

Does it hurt?

Most of our patients state that they do not feel pain. In fact, we treat a lot of patients who previously had comprehensive orthodontics, state there’s no comparison. The key to success six month braces is the flexibility and low forces of the arch-wire.

Am I a candidate?

Most of our patients are teenagers to adults in their sixties who have severe to mild crowding or spaces between their teeth. Some of the best candidates for six month braces are people who had braces when they were kids. It’s common for the front teeth to “relapse” and become more crowded. To find out if you are a candidate please contact us for your consultation.

Does it really take 6 months?

Yes. By the time of your next dental check up appointment, you can have straighter teeth. If we start in July you can have a new smile for the holidays. Start in September and you can look brand new for Spring vacations. Many use it as an opportunity to get ready for a big event be that graduation and interviews, weddings, holidays and more.