Dental Implant Overdenture

When a lower denture is a patient’s main issue, dental implants can be used to improve the functionality of a complete denture. This can be done by creating a mechanism for the denture to snap onto the implants. This type of implant denture is called an overdenture. Implant supported overdentures, for many years, have been deemed one of the simplest ways to stabilize ill-fitting dentures. Since most upper dentures offer ample stability and retention without implants, many patients choose implant overdentures solely on the lower jaw.

What are Implant Overdentures?

For patients looking for a better, more comfortable way to wear a lower denture, the implant supported overdenture establishes significant denture stability and retention by snapping the removable denture onto at least two dental implants. An “implant attachment” on the top of the implant is used to create a snapping mechanism, which is strong enough to keep the denture in position during chewing. It also allows for a relatively easy removal of the denture for daily cleaning and maintenance.

Attractive healthy-looking teeth play an important role in our general health and well being

You want to look and feel confident, you want to be free to laugh with family and friends anytime and anywhere. You want photos to show you smiling, not trying to hide away.

There are many reasons why people lose their teeth and this can have a  strong impact on your quality of life. Missing teeth can cause bone loss and the jaw bone to shrink. This is because the bone is no longer stimulated when you chew food. This bone loss causes physical changes to your face. Your jaw line shrinks causing dentures to lose their fit so they often slip causing pain and making many people feel self-conscious.

Benefits of Dental Implant Overdenture

  • Significant improvement in comfort and function
  • Chewing ability is improved so you can can chew all types of food
  • Prevents further bone loss
  • Minimal pain/discomfort during procedure
  • Recovery time is minimal

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