Do your teeth have yellowing, brown edges, obvious dark spots? Or have you noticed that your teeth aren’t as white as they used to be? As we use our teeth during our lifetime, teeth commonly begin to turn a shade of yellow. Sometimes they discolor from smoking, dietary choices, coffee, tea, sodas, wine, and even dark juices. With ease we can help you whiten your teeth and bring them back to the bright smile you once knew.

Custom Whitening Trays

Often, the most effective whitening is with home whitening using professionally made custom-fitted bleaching trays. The whitening is often more even than other whitening strip products because the bleach can be evenly applied over your teeth. Most patients get to their desired whiteness shade in about two weeks!

Don’t forget, fillings, crowns, or other restorations will not whiten when we perform other teeth whitening options. If you have existing restorations on your front teeth, you may choose to replace them to match your new, whiter teeth. Or if you plan to have any fillings, crowns, or other restorations on your front teeth, it is a good idea to whiten to your ideal shade before having the restoration done. We can match the restoration to your white teeth and will talk to you about this when you inquire about whitening.