Mouth Guards

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Sports Mouth Guards

Dr. Rich wants to help you have a great sports experience, so we offer a variety of custom made sports mouth guards.

Sports (athletic) mouth guards are plastic dental appliances which provide a degree of protection for the mouth’s soft tissues (lips, cheeks, gums, tongue) and hard tissues (teeth and jaw bones). They also protect against concussions from blows to the head by cushioning the jaws upon impact.

Why get a custom fit mouth guard?

Why get a custom fit mouth guard?

A custom fit mouth guard is much more comfortable to wear than a one size fits all mouth guard.

This means you’ll be able to:

breath better
speak more clearly
and most importantly, you’ll wear it!

If you’re not wearing your one size fits all mouth guard because it’s uncomfortable, you’re not getting any protection from it at all.
We will take impressions of your teeth to make a custom-fit mouth guard so you can get the most out of your protective mouth guard.

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Sleep Mouth Guards

Some people clench or grind their teeth causing headaches, neck pain and damage to their teeth. We can fit you for an appropriate mouth guard depending upon your situation. Sleep better and have better jaw and oral health today.